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New informations about Those Who Wander:

Those Who Wander is an upcoming independent comedy film written and directed by Abigail Schwarz. The film features Jacob Zachar, Bonnie Wright, Anna Holbrook, Ryan Stiffelman, Christian Coulson, Anastasia Barzee, Patrick Davis, Claire Hall-Tipping and Ryan Timberlake.


Bonnie Wright as Zoe
Jacob Zachar as Sam
Anna Holbrook as Grace (Zoe’s mother)
Christian Coulson as Spencer
Anastasia Barzee as Annabelle
Ryan Stiffelman as Danny
Patrick Davis as Joel
Ryan Timberlake as Eddy
Claire Hall-Tipping


A 19-year old Zoe sets off on a road trip, along with her best friend Sam, Sam’s roommate Spencer, Zoe’s (friends-with-benefits) lover Joel, and Danny who somehow connect his mood to his socks to Sam’s childhood home in Georgia.

But along the journey things turned from fun to troublesome, with Sam and some unresolved issues between his stepfather, Spencer continuously interfering with Zoe and Sam’s childhood best friend Trey, who wants to create differences between Zoe and Sam.

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