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new still from The Sea

Bonnie Wright attends 2014 Live Below the Line campaign NYC event (April 16th)

Bonnie attends The Global Poverty Project Launches Live Below The Line (4/16/14)

Outtakes from Bonnie’s outing with Oxfam Mum’s (2014)

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Electric Picnic Festival In Ireland, 2010

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Bonnie, who has been an Oxfam ambassador for two years, and her mother feel passionately about women’s rights and are championing Oxfam’s Mother Appeal (…)" (x)

Sometimes you need to put your own characteristics into the actor, and you take different things from the character that you admire - sometimes you can’t see the boundaries anymore.

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Bonnie Wright at the Huffington Post Live (04.07.2014) [x]

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